About Us


Alufer’s core objective is to be a globally significant bauxite producer, creating wealth for shareholders and economic prosperity for the people of Guinea.

The team is focused on delivering a long term, sustainable mining operation. 

Alufer is uniquely positioned to achieve this:

World Class Mining Assets

  • A leading project in terms of time to production – short construction phase of 18.5 months
  • Bel Air is 15km from the coast and requires minimal infrastructure – low capex, low opex operation
  • Feasibility Study completed with 5.5Mtpa Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) operation
  • Mining Convention signed for the Bel Air project in February 2016 (to view press release please click here). Subsequently ratified by Parliament on 1 June 2016 and the Presidential Decree was received in July 2016
  • Labé project offers further growth potential

Premium quality product

  • Tri-hydrate (low temperature) bauxite with low silica
  • Bel Air bauxite quality is deemed to be between CBG and Kindia – two of the highest quality materials in the market
  • Refineries are prepared to pay a premium for high quality bauxite
    •   Material from Brazil, Guyana, Ghana and Guinea can command up to 50% more than the market price